Quay Stats

Quayside capacity: 20.0 Metric Tonnes/m2

The maximum loading capacity of the quay side can be achieved at 2.5 metres from the edge of the quay.
A dedicated RORO ramp (21 metre width) is available to facilitate RORO load ins/outs.
The water depth at the quay side is 9,00mtr LAT.
The quay height is +5.10m NAP and the tidal range average is 1.95m (MHWS/MLWS¬).
Quay height compared to chart datum or LAT = +4.00m LAT.

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The new terminal will enable the x group of companies to react more quickly to market demands: “We are grateful to be able to make this new step. This will improve our distribution network to worldwide clients and makes our group of companies even more flexible.

Mr Arij van Adrighem

The business can now better help clients: “The benefit of using our own facility is that we can react quick in the market to mobilize and demobilize a crane. Recently we shipped four cranes from our yard to the USA for one of our best clients. It only took six weeks from the moment of ordering until delivery at US port. This helped the client achieve their milestone. This is what we want, the best service so that clients come back every time.

Mr Piet van Adrighem

Touches upon the dramatic growth the company has experienced: “When my father was still in the company, we never would have imagined that the company would experience the growth that it has. With a stable turnover, we are active in more than 60 countries worldwide, our rental fleet consists of a wide variety of both vertical and horizontal transport units. We are proud to be a well-known and reliable supplier within our markets (petrochemical, renewables, mining, power, civil, offshore, marine industries).

Mr Leen van Adrighem

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